Scientology symbol  Religion and Spirituality in Society
 Scientology A true Religion
Urbano Alonso Galan
Doctor in Philosophy
And Licenciate in Theology
Gregorian University and
Saint Bonaventure Pontifical Faculty, Rome


In recent years some controversy has arisen regarding Scientology in some sectors in Europe, particularly in Germany, which seem to misinterpret the real social intentions of this religious group.

From the viewpoint of someone who knows philosophy and religion there is no question of any polemic, but it is easy to understand that the lack of knowledge of the religious phenomenon as a whole and the variety of the possible manifestations of this phenomenon can unjustly lead to antagonistic and intransigent attitudes.

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The Concept of Religion

Philosophical and Doctrinal Aspect

The Ritual or Mystical Aspect

The Organizational Aspect

The Final Objective of Scientology

Is Scientology a Religion?

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